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iPhone SE expectations rise as major retailers’ iPhone 5s stock starts to disappear

Stocks of the iPhone 5s are running low at major retailers like Verizon, Best Buy and Walmart in the run up to Apple’s expected announcement of a new 4-inch device – the iPhone SE.

The new device, which is rumored to be unveiled at a live event later this month, is almost certain, but the rundown of stock shows the devices position in Apple’s product line will be to replace not only the aging 5c, but also the 5s which up until now has been Apple’s go-to smaller-screen option for iPhones.

Across retailers it appears that product pages for the 5s are either dead, or listed as returning to stock later this month – in line with when the SE is expected to be announced.

iPhone 5s' are being shown as sold out, or low in stock across major retailers

iPhone 5s’ are being shown as sold out, or low in stock across major retailers

Apple may still retain the 5s in its product line – no doubt emerging markets might not receive the SE as quickly as others, while it may still remain as a budget option over the more colorful 5c. Either way, it’s expected that the SE will join the ranks of the iPhone 6 and up in terms of design and (some) hardware.

Apple’s announcement is expected to arrive at a press event on March 21. It’s also believed that a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be announced as well.