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iPhone SE pulled apart, shows mostly 6s internals but 5s legacy remains

When Apple announced the iPhone SE earlier this month for some it may have been a surprise that the design closely adhered to the iPhone 5s, despite its internal hardware getting a significant upgrade. However, now that the iPhone SE has started shipping as of today (Mar. 31), those that have got their hands on the device have started to drill down to find out what’s actually inside.

For those interested in the ins and outs of Apple’s hardware, it’s worth reading this new post on Chipworks, which has all but confirmed yes, the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s dressed up in iPhone 5s clothing.

In fact, it was found that the iPhone SE is using the same processor as the 6s, as well as the 2GB RAM it uses. This chip, interestingly, was dated around August or September last year indicating it was initially set for the 6s and the SE might frequently make use of additional inventory from Apple’s most up to date devices.

Elsewhere the 16GB storage solution in the Chipworks phone was provided by Toshiba, and is a new flash chip not seen before on an iPhone.

The insides of the iPhone SE are being analysed

The insides of the iPhone SE are being analysed

However, the phone does adhere to some iPhone 5s technology – the touchscreen controller is from the original design, though if 3D Touch technology was included in the SE, it’s likely that would have been upgraded to 6s levels too.

It’s an interesting post, so if you’re feeling particularly geeky today, then check out the original post, complete with images and analysis.