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iPhone upgrade program: get a head start ordering the iPhone X

Starting today, Apple is allowing customers enrolled in its iPhone Upgrade Program to pre-register information in order to speed up the purchasing process when pre-orders for iPhone X officially open on October 27. Stocks are predicted to be pretty low and so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of this if you’re planning to upgrade.

Though it’s marketing this as a “head start,” rest assured it doesn’t actually give those on the iPhone Upgrade Program any extra advantage over regular customers. The difference is that the program requires additional credit checks compared to other payment options, and this service allows users to be pre-approved a few days in advance.

The iPhone Upgrade Program allows users to get a new iPhone every year, spreading the cost across monthly payments. Customers are required to trade in the previous device each time, essentially getting half the cost back towards the new device. It’s almost like buying a new iPhone outright each year and then selling it privately to help fund the new one – only without the pain of finding a buyer every year, and without needing to find the money up front. You simply ship the old device back to Apple using a pre-paid “trade-in kit.” Apple’s website has more information on the program.

For those of you not signed up to the iPhone Upgrade Program, you don’t have to do anything in advance. Though, if you like the sound of trading in your old device for credit you may wish to explore Apple’s Trade-up Program. Either way, all customers will be part of the same free-for-all when pre-orders launch.

We’ll be posting some top tips to maximize your chances of grabbing an iPhone X in the coming days, so stay tuned..!