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iPhone 6S rumored to be thicker than iPhone 6

With the yearly iPhone refresh due around September, the rumor mill is in full flow. Schematics uncovered by Engadget Japan seem to show the plans for what is likely to be called the iPhone 6S: and for the first time, the ‘S’ model looks like it’s going to be thicker than its predecessor.

The technical drawing shows an iPhone 6S with a thickness of 7.1mm – 0.2mm thicker than the current iPhone 6. That’s the same thickness as the current iPhone 6 Plus, an all-around larger device.


These drawings are from a trusted source, but as always should be taken with a pinch of salt

It may not sound like a big deal, but Apple’s design team (headed up by renowned perfectionist Jony Ive) has always argued for thinner and lighter products over models with better specs or bigger batteries. It comes as a surprise that Apple would increase the thickness even by just 3% – although it looks like a necessary compromise in order to make room for the extra tech needed for the rumored higher-resolution display and Force Touch capabilities.

Does this mean the iPhone 6S Plus will also be a little thicker than the 6 Plus, or could the smaller model’s slight fattening mean the two match up exactly on the thickness front? 0.2mm is hardly enough of a difference to put off consumers, but if Apple can manage to work in a bigger battery alongside the new components they could be onto a winner.

The schematics – if they turn out to be correct – suggest that aside from the dimensions, the rest of the iPhone will remain pretty much as is, with no major cosmetic changes like the rumored virtual home button.

We’ll have to wait for the official announcement this Fall to be sure, but it looks as if the inclusion of Force Touch – currently found on the Apple Watch and the latest line of MacBooks – is likely to be the biggest change to the iPhone lineup. Unless Apple has a surprise or two up its sleeve.

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