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Is the Apple/Samsung relationship thawing?

There are signs that Apple and Samsung’s volatile relationship is beginning to thaw.

This week Bloomberg Business has reported that Samsung has assembled a dedicated team for Apple products.

The two electronics giants have a long history of working together, with Samsung supplying many parts for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

However, the relationship has always been marred by various patent lawsuits.

Though Apple and Samsung have since started to wind down this global patent battle by agreeing to drop all patent suits – outside the US, at least.

That was back in August last year, but this latest move shows their partnership growing stronger still. The 200-person team Samsung has created, though not public knowledge and was provided to Bloomberg via an unnamed source, will be standalone and work exclusively on Apple products.

The team, which was apparently formed in earlier this month, will only be allowed to share information about Apple’s business within the group and focuses on screens.

What does this mean for Apple? It’s likely that Samsung’s dedicated service will continue into further contracts, and potential screen provisions for the Apple Watch.

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