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Is wireless charging coming to the iPhone? New patent suggests yes

The iPhone 6s may have only just left the factory, but by the time the iPhone 7 rolls around next year Apple fans may finally get their hands on wireless charging capabilities.

Considering its annual upgrade cycle, it should come as no surprise that Apple is already exploring options for the next iPhone, but today’s rumor is one of the most exciting.

As reported by CultofMac, a newly-published patent application by Apple suggests it’s looking at wireless charging tech. Even better, it might not be that far off. The patent describes the use of the iPhone’s existing technology to charge it wirelessly.

The patent is titled “Inductive power transfer using acoustic or haptic devices,” and would make use of the electrical coils already fitted within the iPhone in its speakers, microphones, and the newly acquired Taptic Engine.

Fingers crossed that this time next year Apple’s charging tech will have caught up with Samsung’s. Galaxy users already have access to wireless charging capability, as was rubbed in Apple’s face somewhat with Samsung’s new ad released the day after the announcement of the iPhone 6s back in September. You can watch that below.