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Did you know? You can now play Pac-Man & other games on Facebook Messenger

Social network Facebook has been quietly but steadily adding fun games into its Messenger app over time, but has now officially launched Games on Messenger, with some more in-depth titles. It’s very much in the same vein as Apple’s iMessage store, which itself hosts hundreds of games.

In the latest changes to Messenger, Facebook is letting users play classic games like Pac-Man, and Galaga from within Messenger conversations. Other games include Space Invaders and Puzzle Bobble Blitz.

Here’s how it works: start up a new conversation in the iOS app, tap the game controller icon on the keyboard, then select which game to play. Once the game pops up, you can play a round, and then your top score will be sent to the person or group conversation with an opportunity for them to try and beat it.

Challenge friends to play games in Messenger

Challenge friends to play games in Messenger

Users can also find games by using the search field in Messenger, or on the Facebook News Feed. Here, players can go solo too.

The games are currently rolling out in the latest version of Messenger and will be available in 30 countries from the start.