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LinkedIn Students – professional network gives graduates a Tinder-inspired jobs app

How do you make it easier to find a job? Make it more like dating, apparently. LinkedIn has just launched a swipe-focused iPhone app aimed at students in the US to help them find jobs. It’s called, appropriately, LinkedIn Students and, if those students use the Tinder dating app, they might just find the whole process strikingly similar.

There’s no end to the possible parallels to be made between the follies of the dating scene and trying to get a job. For example, presenting and how to keep up the illusion of your best self. But it’s LinkedIn that’s finally acted on this swipe-gestured approach, applying it to the jobs it hosts on its professional, work-based social network. In the app, users enter their school, major and graduation date before they’re presented with cards, which they can swipe to dismiss, or explore further if the role appeals.

According to LinkedIn, the aim is to help students quickly identify the job titles and companies that might help them get a foot on the professional ladder.

It all sounds fairly straight-forward, but if that was really the case, the app wouldn’t be so smart – presenting students with actual, actionable results for them to get a headstart. The way the new app works is it looks at the student’s profile – despite it being fairly sparse employment-wise – recognizing their major and institution to help them match with roles that are directly, but also partially related to their chosen subjects. It will also recognize if former alumni currently work at these organisations in the idea that this will help the student begin a networking process with potential contacts.

It’s intended to be smart, too. The app will recognize likes, swipes, and preferences to improve the matching process for the individual.

LinkedIn describes the app on the App Store as helping students “take the guesswork out of finding a job after graduation by giving you career advice based on the college you’re attending and the major you’re pursuing.”

The app also promises daily, personalized tips and student-focused articles to assist with the job search.

LinkedIn Students has only just hit the App Store, but thanks to some early coverage, including this first-look from VentureBeat, and some early adopters, it’s already receiving numerous five-star ratings. However, the app is currently only available in the US. No doubt students around the globe will be keeping their fingers crossed for a wider release.

Download LinkedIn Students for free on the App Store.