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Mapping war heats up with Apple’s real-time maps

Though Apple’s Maps app had a well-publisized rocky start, it’s continuing to ramp up its efforts to win out over Google Maps, still the maps app of choice for many.

Following its glitch-heavy launch, Apple has ironed out most of the kinks, and introduced the Flyover feature, allowing users to get an aerial view of many cities.

However, Apple hasn’t finished yet – it’s about to introduce real-time maps.

As spotted by CultofMac, a recent update has introduced a couple of real-time elements. So far, the only ones that seem to have cropped up are in London. Following the update, the Big Ben clock tower has started showing the actual time when in the 3D Flyover mode. As well as this, the city’s London Eye – a big wheel that gives passengers a sky-high view of the capital city – now rotates.

As noted in the post, the new feature is pretty gimmicky and only really portrays animated imagery on top of the static maps, but it does follow through on the original patent for the Flyover 3D camera, which hinted at the feature, but has been unfulfilled until now.

However, these could simply be the first steps into a wider roll-out of animated and real-time capabilities which could one day show traffic congestion, provide updates, and maybe even include weather animation.

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