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Midweek news bites: all-new iPhones, Apple TV+, killing robocalls

We don’t have time to write about every single piece of Apple news that comes our way, and you probably don’t have time to read it either. So each week we take the smaller stories from around the web – things that are interesting, but don’t warrant full articles – and bundle them into a bite-sized package for easy digestion.

Please dig into this week’s Apple bites, freshly sourced from all around the web. This week has been light on news so far, so alongside a few rumors, we’ve rounded up some longer reads from around the web that might pique your fancy. As ever, click through to read the full stories if you want to know more!

Two new iPhones in 2019?

In contrast to previous rumors, a new report from the Chinese supply chain suggests Apple will not only refresh its current XS/XS Max/XR devices, but also add two entirely new iPhones with triple-camera setups. We’d be surprised if Apple made its lineup this confusing with five distinct 2019 iPhones to choose from, but it’s possible these two designs could form some kind of premium “iPhone Pro” handset. Time will tell…

iPhone 6 wins photography contest

More proof that having a better camera doesn’t always mean you’ll get better pictures. A woman in Oregon has won the grand prize in an annual Columbia Gorge photography contest with a spectacular photo taken on an aging iPhone 6.

iOS users have new app fatigue

Recent analytics have shown that users are increasingly sticking with the tried-and-true big apps, rather than embracing new solutions. This adds fuel to the argument that all the big problems of the digital world have already been solved, meaning there are fewer niches for startups to fill.

Apple TV+ can be a success without innovation

Jason Cross of Macworld argues that the upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service can be a hit even without reinventing the game. A few good shows and a solid platform should be enough for Apple to leverage its huge user base into a success.

How to protect yourself from robocalls

We’ve written before about how the impressive app Hiya can help cut down on spam calls, but this article goes in-depth on some alternative solutions to help you steer clear of annoying automated marketing phone calls.