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Moleskine Timepage gets month view in significant update

Some might say that the iOS Calendar app is fit for purpose. Others will say it absolutely isn’t, which is why they may flock to third-party alternatives like Fantastical 2, or Google Calendars. However, recently, Moleskine Timepage has been mopping up plenty of iOS Calendar users jumping ship and is fast becoming another great alternative calendar app to Apple’s native solution. Especially considering its latest update.

In version 1.4 Moleskine has added a month view to Timepage – a feature much requested since its initial launch in June. However, its gone one step further and designed a heatmap-style view. This means that if a user has a busy day, the app will acknowledge this with stronger colors.

Timepage’s previous schedule view was presented via a vertical scroller view. It was an easy and quick way to look at the next few days, but now the month view, which can be accessed by swiping to the right on the app, providing further functionality that’ll be welcome to users.


New heatmap month view alongside the regular timeline

Most will know Moleskine from its line of lusciously designed notebooks, so it’s no surprise that its iOS calendar app is equally feast-like in its presentation. However, design is one thing and functionality is another, but we’d say its now safe to acknowledge that Timepage has a feature-set just as rich as competitors and the frequently acknowledged ‘best calendar app’ Fantastical.

Well, it’s still missing a natural language input engine, but we’d bet that’s something the team at Moleskine is considering.

Timepage is one of those apps that could find a long time home on your device – Moleskine has already proved itself as receptive to user requests and has diligently worked on the app since its release. Its previous release, version 1.3, included support for watchOS 2, iOS 9 functionality and Today widgets.

Moleskine Timepage recently appeared as one of our three key third-party replacements for the native iOS calendar.

You can download Moleskine Timepage for iPhone or iPad using the button below:

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