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Mophie wants to super-charge (and super-accessorize) your iPhone with new magnetic case line

Cases are a big deal for the iPhone. Why? Because without them it’s very easy to be on a one-way trip to scratch-ville. Especially if you have that new Jet Black model iPhone 7.

However, whereas cheap solutions abound on Amazon and eBay, there are other approaches. There’s currently one strain of manufacturer that’s attempting to reintroduce the headphone jack, whereas there are other premium brands – like the widely known Mophie – that are trying to increase the functionality of your device even more, using its cases.

Enter: Hold Force Technology. The idea is the cases will transform your iPhone into a modular, all-purpose device.


So, what does that mean exactly? Mostly, magnets. Everybody loves magnets, right? The idea is you start with a base case, which costs from $39.95 / £34.95, and this comes with built-in magnets, meaning you can attach a range of accessories firmly and neatly to the base case.

The modular angle means you can switch and transform your device with accessories depending one what you need at any one time.

Mophie's charger pack can be removed so the case isn't always so bulky

Mophie’s charger pack can be removed so the case isn’t always so bulky


These base cases can then be accessorized with a 4,000mah charger pack, a folio case for credit cards, and a wallet so you can cram some cash and ID in there too. The cases are designed to align properly based on the position of the magnets.

The case comes in 10 different colors and accessories start from $9.95 if bought with the case.

You can find them all on the Mophie online store.

Delving through all the various cases for iPhones can be a pain, but you can’t go far wrong with Mophie cases and they’re always highly rated, and recommended. These new features are pretty unique too.