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How much are you worth to Apple? About a dollar a day says new analysis

Apple may be worth billions and billions of dollars, but it’s only reached those dizzying heights due to its customers, which begs the question, how much are you worth? According to a recent graph from data analyst Horace Dediu, it’s almost a full dollar per day.

Dediu posted the graphic to Twitter a few days ago, and in a post on Apple Must, Apple commentator Jonny Evans noted that by taking Apple’s sales into account with hardware revenue, an average user provides revenue of around $27 per month – or almost a dollar a day.

His commentary is a fascinating read so it’s worth checking out the post, but it largely deals with how Apple has deftly created a business around it’s most successful product of all time: the iPhone. As you can see on the graph, apps revenue has exploded in recent years.