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New Angry Birds coming this Thurs – Angry Birds Blast! open for pre-register

Angry Birds is arguably one of the App Store’s major successes. The simple game that sees the user catapult birds into greedy green pigs has been around for years and is still going strong. 2016 saw an Angry Birds movie, and now, in a surprise move, developer Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Blast is coming this Thursday (22 Dec.)

The tweet above invites users to sign up for pre-registry, which will notify you when the game arrives. It will also give users a free starter pack of gold – in-game currency. The pack is worth $9.99 if it was bought as an IAP.

iOS users can register direct from this link.

Angry Birds Blast! is less catapult, and takes the guise of a bubble-popping puzzle game. Blast! was actually given a soft launch in the UK a couple of months back, but this is the first time it’s become available worldwide.