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New App: Find out what’s hot and trending with TAPPD


Apple’s App Store is an unwieldy beast – full of treasures, varied and delightful. But sometimes, the hardest part is finding the ones you care about.

Take our recent piece on the App Store – we counted down five key ways in which Apple could improve the platform, and one of those points included better social features, and a more personal experience.

Shortly afterwards, TAPPD came to our attention.

The app can give you a list of what apps are trending

The app can give you a list of what apps are trending

TAPPD, made by Australian mobile start-up company Burst2Life is an app that enables you to find exactly the right apps for you. It’s ‘Apptivity Feed’ can be personalized if you follow friends or people with shared interests.

It also includes information on what apps are trending or being shared on TAPPD and it’s very much a social network for apps. The advantage of this approach over the App Store is that Apple’s charts are easily ‘gamed’ through the use of keywords, or jumping on the Flappy Bird bandwagon.

TAPPD suggests tappers, and allows you to add your own friends

TAPPD suggests tappers, and allows you to add your own friends

But TAPPD is modern; pulling in features from various platforms. For example, It uses social techniques to help users find decent apps, such as hashtags, while the system can also provide similar, or suggested apps akin to the Spotify ‘Related Artists’ functionality. It’s ‘Tap & Tell’ sharing facility is also a super quick way to share quick reviews of apps.

The app also retains a certain element of editorial control or creation – the TAPPD team gets out there to find decent apps to talk about too.


  • Discover what’s trending and the latest being shared on TAPPD
  • Personalize your feed by following friends and people with shared interests
  • Super simple search: Search by location, #hashtags, or app names
  • Share the apps you’re into and see suggested apps from people with shared interests
  • Save time by seeing what real people are saying before downloading any app
  • Daily TAPP: We’re finding the best apps out there and bringing them straight to you
The 'Daily Tapp' feature is curated by Tappd.

The ‘Daily Tapp’ feature is curated by Tappd.

We plan to do a full review in due course, but in the meantime, why not give it a go and let us know what you think?

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Note: TAPPD is currently iPhone only.