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New app: Finder for AirPods helps locate lost wireless Apple earbuds

Update: The app has since been removed by Apple, which said the app was “Not appropriate for the App Store.”

When Apple released its totally wireless solution, one of the largest concerns would be losing them. Most Bluetooth earbuds are attached by a small wire that connects the pair, meaning there’s little difference between losing a full set than if you lost a regular set of wired headphones.

However, AirPods are very much separate entities, and though they largely live together in the bundled charging case, their 5-hour battery life outside of the case means you’re still very much at risk or losing one, or both of them.

To combat this, a developer has created an app that uses the AirPods wireless signature to locate missing buds.

Users are able to use the app to find the AirPods as long as it’s been previously paired with the headphones. The app will provide a step-by-step process to help you find them, providing location approximation. It will also locate one AirPod at a time, or both of them at the same time.

As it uses the headphones wireless signature, it’s not much use if you’re not nearby, but in the house the app works much better, using the strength of the signal to tell you if it’s nearby, or if you’re on a cold trail and need to check another room.

AirPods aren’t a cheap solution – retailing at $159, and it’s not light on the wallet if you need to replace one either. But for those prone to losing things, this new app might well persuade them to give the AirPods a shot. And if you already own a pair, it’s certainly worth picking up this app.

Download Finder for AirPods on the App Store for $3.99/£2.99

AirPods can be purchased from Apple retail stores, or online at

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