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New app requirements focus on 64-bit & iOS 8

Your apps may be about to get a whole lot faster – do you have the technology to support them?

Apple has just put a reminder on its app developer portal reminding developers about new 64-bit and iOS requirements that were announced last year.

For Apple users, this means that developers will be required to boost the performance of there apps by making them work with Apple’s 64-bit architecture.

At the same time, they’ll need to ensure their apps – or updates – are built against iOS 8.

This doesn’t mean users necessarily need to upgrade, if they haven’t already, as apps will still be compatible with older operating systems.

The requirements were first announced in October last year. They said that starting on Feb. 1, 2015, any new iOS app submissions would need to offer 64-bit support, and be built using the iOS 8 SDK.

As for updates to apps, the announcement came in December – these updates will have to meet requirements from June 1, 2015.

The move ensures that developers keep up with Apple’s technology.

Of course, for users of older devices – this fast-paced development may see their devices struggle at times, as apps advance.

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