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New Apple stores will have walkable solar glass floor technology

Starting with its brand new San Francisco store, Apple is planning to introduce technology that powers the location through walkable solar glass floors.

Apple’s bricks and mortar stores are quite the jewel in its crown. Mirroring, on a much larger scale, the aesthetic detail it puts into its flagship products like the iPhone, Apple is frequently experimenting with both design and an environmentally conscious approach.

Its plans to introduce solar floor technology has been revealed via Onyx Solar’s website, which says Apple will be using its technology, saying the company has “decided to commit itself to OnyxSolar’s designer photovaltaic technology for its new stores.”

The document goes on to say the technology will first appear at the new San Francisco store, which opened a couple of weeks back in Union Square.

Apple says in a press release that the store is “powered by 100 percent renewable energy, including power produced by photovoltaic panels integrated into the building’s roof.”

However, it’s interesting to note with this latest revelation how far Apple is willing to go when it comes to producing renewable solar energy.

Source: 9to5Mac