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Apple to unveil new and improved iMacs this quarter

According to industry analyst Min-Chi Kuo – the same guy who gave us these iPhone 6S rumors – Apple is due to launch a brand new line of iMacs this quarter with faster processors and enhanced displays.

Last Fall Apple released its monster 27-inch iMac with a super-hi-res Retina 5k screen, but the regular models (including the smaller 21.5-inch version) haven’t been updated for two years. In an investor note obtained by AppleInsider, Kuo suggested that the refreshed iMacs would have better displays, with a “focus on image quality, specifically color saturation enhancements”. So not necessarily the rumored 8k display, then.

Apple’s flagship all-in-one desktop computer is also predicted to get a significant power boost, with new processors. The iMac range is typically refreshed in September or October with these kind of upgrades, so Kuo’s forecast may not be far off the mark.

The new models are expected to boost iMac sales significantly – Kuo expects 100% sales growth over the previous quarter, potentially peaking at one million units sold. This growth could also be encouraged by Apple’s usual ‘back to school’ price promotions, plus the fact that the previous quarter had lower than normal iMac sales thanks to “inventory corrections”.

We’ll add a new iMac to the increasingly long list of Things We Expect Apple To Unveil This Fall, alongside the iPhone 6S, iOS 9 and maybe, finally, a refreshed Apple TV?

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