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New iPads now set for early April to mark inauguration of Apple Park campus

Supply chain sources are now suggesting new iPads, which were expected in March, will now arrive in April when Apple celebrates the opening of its major Apple Park campus project.

It’s believed that Apple is on the verge of launching a 10.5-inch iPad with a new bezel-less design with no Home button, alongside a second generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and potentially another 7.9-inch iPad Pro (though the latter has been rumored the least.) And while sources claimed that the new iPad wouldn’t be available until May or June, new sources are saying Apple has ramped up production to ensure the new device will be ready alongside the others in April.

There is little word on what else might arrive at the event – aside from the red iPhone 7 rumor. However, this might be why Apple is keen to tie in the event with the opening of the new Campus.

Apple Park will be the future headquarters of Apple and is set to open in April. It’s a circular structure – similar to a flying saucer – and is planned to house over 12,000 employees. The brainchild of Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO spent years working on the project before his death in 2011. Construction finally started in 2014.

The Park will house an auditorium called Steve Jobs Theater

The Park will house an auditorium called Steve Jobs Theater

It was revealed in February 2017 that it would be called Apple Park, and would contain an auditorium called “Steve Jobs Theater.” It’s likely Apple will hold its future events in this auditorium, but it’s not believed to be ready in time for the iPad announcement. Indeed, it seems more pertinent for the tenth anniversary iPhone launch in September to be the first launch event delivered from the Steve Jobs Theater.

Watch the latest drone footage below to see Apple Park being built.

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