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New iPod touch – 7th gen device to go full-screen?

Apple hasn’t updated the iPod touch since 2015, but recent rumors – plus a prediction by trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – signal that the device could be making a comeback this year.

This would be the seventh-generation iPod touch, and though sales have flagged massively since the iPod’s heyday it could still be a popular product. It’s always been a cheaper alternative to an iPhone, and a popular choice for those who might want to introduce young children to device ownership without the risk and expense of a full-on cellphone.

There are no real rumors so far about the changes that might be coming with the updated device, but after four years we’d expect a big update to the internals if nothing else.

However, an eagle-eyed developer has just spotted a clue hidden in the beta for iOS 12.2 – a new system icon referencing the iPod, with a clearly different design from the old style. It seems to show that Apple is planning to follow in the wake of its recent devices and remove the Home button from the upcoming iPod touch. From the (admittedly simplistic) icon, it also looks as though it will feature a full-screen design like the iPhone X and beyond.

This really shows that Apple is going all-in on this new design language, even going so far as to add new features to one of its most neglected product lines. Without a Home button, the device is likely to include recent technology like Face ID as well.

If marketed right, this could be a surprise hit. Does the idea of a modern-looking iPod touch appeal to you?