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New MacBook released – fixed keyboards and faster processors

Apple has announced a beefy update to the MacBook Pro line, which not only fixes the keyboard issues prevalent in the previous generation but also brings the most processing power ever seen in a Mac laptop.

The new computers feature 8-core Intel processors for the first time, offering twice the performance speeds of the previous quad-core processors. It’s also 40% faster than existing 6-core processors, which until now were the best you could get in a MacBook. If that all sounds like tech jargon, just know that these babies are very fast.

Adobe Photoshop on MacBook Pro

Here’s what Apple has to say about its latest release:

“Whether it’s college students mastering a course of study, developers building world-class apps or video editors creating feature films, we’re constantly amazed at what our customers do with their MacBook ProNow with 8-core processors for an incredible performance boost, along with its stunning Retina display, fast storage, all-day battery life and running macOS, MacBook Pro continues to be the world’s best pro notebook and we can’t wait to get it into our customer’s hands to see what they do next.”

Perhaps more important than all that is the fact that Apple has fixed the dodgy keyboard that has caused users all kinds of trouble over the past couple of years, and it seems to be (quietly) admitting to fault.

Apple has also extended its Keyboard Service Program to include the 2018 MacBook Pro and 2018 MacBook Air in addition to the 2019 MacBook Pro. That means free repairs for eligible users, which is great news for anyone experiencing problems with the oft-maligned “butterfly keyboard” seen on those models. Apple also launched a similar service program for 2016 MacBooks with backlight issues.

The updated MacBook Pro range is available immediately from Apple’s retail stores and online store.