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Apple hints at new screen sizes for iPhone and iPad in Xcode 6

With rumors that the next iPhone screen will measure in at 4.7-inches developers will need to get their apps ready for this bigger area.

To help them do just that Apple has included a new tool with Xcode 6, its development software for iOS.

Inside Xcode developers can run their apps inside a simulator that pretends to be the correct iPhone and iPad screen sizes. However, with Xcode 6 two new options have appeared named ‘Resizable iPhone’ and ‘Resizable iPad’.

Developers can choose any resolution with the new option

Developers can choose any resolution with the new option

These allow developers to resize the screen to any arbitrary resolution and check if their app works at bigger screen sizes. It’s been suggested that the iPhone 6 will have a resolution of 1704×960 so perhaps developers would be wise to test that one out first. Apple has previously hinted at different screen sizes by including a tool called Auto-layout in its development software that resizes elements automatically based on the resolution.

The iPhone 6 is not due to be announced until September but several leaks of cases and schematics seem to confirm that it will indeed have a bigger screen.