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Walmart sells case for currently non-existent iPhone 6

Walmart is giving itself a headstart on the competition by selling cases for the unannounced iPhone 6

Is it stupidity or business genius that has caused Walmart to begin selling a case for the currently unannounced and non-existent iPhone 6? A bit of both, probably.

This week 9to5mac noticed that the retail giant had started selling what appears to be a case for the iPhone 6, which isn’t expected to be revealed until September.

That’s not to say we haven’t been inundated with rumors, questionable schematics, and various mock up videos, and it looks like this is what Walmart is hedging its bets on. Thanks to numerous video and image leaks from Chinese factories, the whole world is now pretty sure it’ll see a 4.7 inch screen on the new iPhone, and a reduced depth.

Apparently, this is enough for case-manufacturers to go on to get a head-start on producing covers.

Walmart says that this case is compatible with the AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and unlocked models, and will cost $4.95.

Whether consumers will jump at the chance to have a cover ready and waiting for launch day is questionable, however. With no confirmation that it will actually fit your iPhone 6, the majority of potential purchasers could be better placed waiting it out – based on history, the iPhone 6 won’t be announced until September.