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News Roundup – July 15, 2017

All the news that’s fit to print covering Apple, iPhones, and iPads – make sure you haven’t missed anything from the last week!

1. Panic in the air

Apple is reportedly struggling to ready iPhone 8 features for launch, which could mean it has to ship this fall without key features like wireless charging and 3D face-scanning. Read the story!

2. Smart home experience

Apple has unveiled an interactive “smart home experience” in 46 of its retail stores around the world, to give curious customers a better idea of the benefits of HomeKit and smart devices in general. Read the story!

3. Back to school sale

Apple is offering free Beats wireless headphones as part of a “back to school” sale from now until late September, available to students and teachers. Read the story!

4. Beyond Apple Pay

From iOS 11 onwards, Apple will allow developers to create apps that use the NFC chip – technology that’s currently reserved just for Apple Pay contactless payments. Read the story!


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