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News Roundup – June 18, 2017

After the rush of WWDC last week, we’re back to normal with a more eclectic selection of Apple news for you to digest

1. App Store scams

There’s been a rise in IAP scams, with one app alone making $80k/month from innocent iOS users. See how to avoid it. Read the story!

2. Control Center

Now that the iOS 11 developer beta is available, we got a full hands-on look at the design of the new, customizable Control Center. Read the story!

3. Tim Cook interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with Bloomberg to discuss Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Augmented Reality, and much more. Read the story!

4. Medical data

The future of the healthcare industry could be tied to iOS, as Apple reportedly wants to make the iPhone a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your medical records. Read the story!

5. $1bn green bond

Apple makes a huge pledge to help finance environmental projects, despite President Trump’s recent withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Read the story!

6. Self-driving cars

After years of rumors, Apple has finally admitted its interest in the self-driving car industry – but it looks as though its contribution might be software rather than hardware. Read the story!