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News Roundup – June 25, 2015.

The tastiest chunks of Apple news from the past week

Apple’s official say in Bluetooth’s future

Apple has been added to the board for Bluetooth’s Special Interest Group. What will this mean for the wireless tech?

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Is the home button’s days numbered?

According to reports Apple is working on a virtual touch screen which could spell the end for the home button.

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Space-saving in iOS 9

A new feature in the iOS 9 beta shows Apple working hard to save space.

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Apple to pay royalties Following an open letter from Taylor Swift royalties will be paid to labels during the Apple Music three-month trial.

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But wait! How much royalties will be paid?!

In another chapter of the saga, it was questioned how much Apple would actually pay.

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Evidentally, enough

Independent labels finally get on board with Apple Music.

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