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News Roundup – June 3, 2017

In case you missed anything, sink your teeth into our the top stories of the past week

1. What to expect from WWDC

Apple’s WordWide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is right around the corner, and it looks like we might see some new products announced very soon. Read the story!

2. “Essential” Phone

A brand new smartphone just launched from the creator of Android. It looks interesting, but will it be an iPhone-killer or a dud? Read the story!

3. Apple Park

Apple’s new campus can now be virtually toured – from the outside, at least – using Apple’s own Maps app. Read the story!

4. Touch ID

Apple is said to have found a way to embed a fingerprint sensor into an OLED display, negating the need for a physical Home button. Read the story!


Apple reportedly has a new plan to improve its Apple Maps service, in which is will pay workers for information on points of interest – via iPhoneHacks

Tim Cook reiterates Apple’s commitment to fighting climate change after failing to persuade President Trump not to leave the Paris climate agreement – via CNBC

Apple says developers have earned a whopping $70 billion through the App Store since it launched in 2008 – via AppleInsider