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News Roundup – March 31, 2017

These are our top iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news stories from the last week

1. iOS 10.3 

Operating system for iPhone and iPad updates – find out what’s new and whether you should upgrade.

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2. iPhone Edition 

Prototype for next iPhone in final stages – and a whole ton of new rumors have come with it.

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3. watchOS 3.2 

Apple updates the Watch software, adds Theater Mode and new SiriKit.

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4. Siri in iOS 11 

Reports say Siri is set to receive two major updates when iOS 11 is unveiled in June.

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5. New AR product coming

Apple is working on something special. And it might arrive in a year.

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Will Apple succeed where Google failed?

6. App Store rejects

Apple has started rejecting apps from the App Store that use spammy, price-related titles.

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7. 2017 emojis update

A new emoji set is on the horizon… find out what you’ll be able to use soon.

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8. macOS Sierra 10.12.4

And finally, Apple’s Mac software has been updated, adding a feature from iOS. Find out what’s new…

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Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game set for release on April 18 – via AppAdvice

Spotify plans ‘Traffic James’ TV show and, yes, it’s an Apple Music Carpool Karaoke knockoff – via 9to5Mac

Apple’s long-time head of Apple Mail leaves to lead Readdle’s Spark email app – via 9to5Mac

Trump trades ‘unsecure’ Android device for shiny new iPhone – via engadget


Whatever happened to the Apple Car? Here’s how you can make your own right now