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News Roundup – May 12, 2017

In case you missed anything, sink your teeth into our the top stories of the past week

1. iPhone 8 rumors

A research documents claims we’ll see enhanced audio, improved water resistance, and maybe even free AirPods with every purchase. Read the story!

2. Siri chat bot

Apple has patented an idea to add a text-based Siri interface to the iOS Messages app. If nothing else, it would make it easier to use Siri in a loud public place… Read the story!

3. iPhone 8 mockups 

Slick renders based on leaked blueprints purport to show the exact dimensions of Apple’s next iPhone, revealing an edge-to-edge display, vertical camera, and a thicker chassis. Read the story!

4. Photography masterclasses

Apple has published a series of slick bite-size video tutorials, detailing how to get the most of the iPhone 7’s impressive camera. Read the story!

5. Apple Watch popularity

The Apple Watch has taken over from Fitbit as the world’s most popular wearable smart device. Read the story!


Design student got rejected by Apple Music, so he redesigned its entire interface – via Medium

Amazon Prime video could finally come to the Apple TV this summer – via Macworld

Russian blogger could face jail time for playing Pokémon GO in church – via Engadget