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News Roundup – October 20, 2016

All the essential iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news from the last week

New MacBooks on the way Apple’s line of laptop computers will be getting a refresh on Oct. 27. Find out what’s new. Read the story!

Cook for VP Did the Apple CEO Tim Cook almost because the vice presidential candidate to Hillary Clinton? Read the story!

Apple chargers How many ‘genuine’ Apple cables and chargers on Amazon are real? Almost none, says Apple. Read the story!

Find your car The much reported iOS 10 feature that makes your iPhone remember where you left your car only works with a Bluetooth display in the car. However, this app can do it without any additional accessories. Read the story!

Solitairica The card game crossover title goes on sale for the first time. We gave it 4.6/5 stars recently so grab it while it’s cheap! Read the story!

iPhone 7 speeds It’s been found that the 256GB iPhone 7 model has read and write speeds 8x faster than the entry storage level 32GB iPhone 7 model. Via iClarified

One-handed keyboard Developer finds a code for a one-handed keyboard in iOS which has never been activated. Why not? Via 9to5Mac

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