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Night Photography – Apple reveals stunning contest winners

Apple recently launched an amateur photography contest to promote the low-light shooting capabilities of the iPhone 11 series. This photo challenge invited users to submit “inventive,” “captivating,” and “stunning” examples of photos shot using Night Mode. The results came in this week, chosen by a panel of judges to be the very best Night Mode shots from users around the globe.

Six winners were chosen from thousands of entries, and though they differ in style, each photo brings a quality to it that wouldn’t be possible without Night Mode, which uses a combination of longer exposure times and advanced machine learning smarts to create low-light shots with a surprising level of detail.

The rules allowed for color and tone adjustments through editing, so long as it starts with a shot taken using Night Mode. We’ve included our favorites below, but to see what Apple and its team of judges thought about each one, check out the press release here.

Konstantin Chalabov (Moscow, Russia), iPhone 11 Pro

Andrei Manuilov (Moscow, Russia), iPhone 11 Pro Max

Mitsun Soni (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India), iPhone 11 Pro

Rubén P. Bescós (Pamplona, Navarra, Spain), iPhone 11 Pro Max

Rustam Shagimordanov (Moscow, Russia), iPhone 11

Yu “Eric” Zhang (Beijing, China), iPhone 11 Pro Max

Winners will have their photo seen by millions, as Apple typically plasters #ShotOniPhone snaps all over its Instagram feed, its press releases, and even its advertising billboards.

If you’re feeling inspired, make sure you first check out our five essential tips to help you get the most from Night Mode. While it’s true that Night Mode comes on automatically, understanding a bit more about how it works will improve your shots no end. Now could be the perfect time to put those iPhone Photo Academy lessons to use