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Nitrome moves into game publishing, will release Ultimate Briefcase Feb. 3

Nitrome, developer of celebrated iOS titles such as Silly Sausage in Meat Land, Vault! Gunbrick, and Rust Bucket, announced last year that it would be moving into publishing other studios’ games.

The first was revealed as Ultimate Briefcase by Quite Fresh, made by a former Nitrome employee. The premise involves the player attempting to dodge an onslaught of falling bombs with only a briefcase for assistance.

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Fast-forward a number of months and the game’s apparently now ready; Nitrome has tweeted that it’ll be landing this week – with Feb 3. the most likely date.

Check out the GIF below from PocketGamer, which picked up the tweet, and make sure to stop by the App Store later this week if you want to play it!


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