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We’re now a few steps closer to an iPhone with a wrap around display

A patent has been published to the US patent office that details Apple’s exploration into wrap around displays for the iPhone.

While other smartphone makers have actually released screens that curve around the edges, an iPhone that follows a similar route would be far more revolutionary due to its market share.

The latest patent titled ‘Electronic device with wrap around display’ was uploaded just yesterday (June 14) and was picked up shortly after by Apple Insider.

The patent details what would presumably become a new iPhone with a flexible AMOLED screen – a type of organic light-emitting diode thin-film display technology using organic compounds. The benefits would include a big power-saving for iPhone users as they use less energy.

The design above, you may notice, doesn’t include a home button. It’s already been speculated that when Apple makes the jump to these kinds of displays, the beloved central button, which also houses the Touch ID functionality will be built straight into the display. But how will users feel about the removal of a stalwart that’s been present for almost ten years?

At the same time, Apple also submitted a patent for a “transparent electronic device” that could be used for augmented reality purposes, reports TechRadar. Of course, there are a number of apps on the iPhone that already do this via the camera (Read more: Check out our roundup of the best Augmented Reality apps out there), but building it into the device and having users look through it is a whole other level.