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Older 4-inch iPhones still popular with smartphone users

BGR reports that almost 40% of iPhone users are still rocking older, smaller models like the iPhone 5s and earlier.

According to usage data from Mixpanel, 2014’s iPhone 6 is by far the most popular single device, accounting for just over a third of all iPhones out in the wild. However, the aging iPhone 5s is still in second place, and adding up all the 4-inch models totals a larger-than-expected 38% of total iPhone coverage.

The totals show that adoption of newer devices is fairly decent, though: around 61% of users have an 6-range iPhone (6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus); around 33% are rocking an iPhone from the 5 range; while around 6% are languishing with an iPhone 4s or earlier.

This perhaps signals that more people than expected are holding off on upgrading for one reason or another, paving the way for the iPhone 5se rumored to be unveiled by Apple next month. This new model is expected to be the first 4-inch iPhone to be released since 2013, and will give those customers not fond of larger screens an alternative upgrade option.

The iPhone 5se is due to pack some of the latest features and an iPhone 6-esque design into a smaller device with a 4-inch screen. It’s been anticipated Apple would release a smaller iPhone at some point – considering the adoption numbers it’s a little surprising it’s taken this long.

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