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Pandora iOS app updates, gets Apple Watch support

Pandora Radio, the most popular streaming music provider in the US, has updated its iOS app with Apple Watch support.

The device hasn’t been released yet, but went up for pre-order earlier this week before an official release date of April 24.

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Pandora’s new feature allows Apple Watch users to view the artist and song title with a simple glance of the Watch.

Users can also pause and resume play on the Watch face, while they can also hit a thumbs up or thumbs down to alter the listening experience.

Finally, Pandora users can also switch stations, access music notifications, and control volume without ever having to reach for their iPhone.

It makes sense for Pandora to be the first to deliver Watch support, but users of other streaming apps and websites that want to purchase an Apple Watch will be waiting with anticipation.

The update also arrived just hours after Apple released a new beta edition of the fourth iteration of iOS 8. iOS 8.4 contained a redesign of the Music app.

Pandora Radio can be downloaded from the App Store now.

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