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‘Peek Performance’: Apple announces March 8 event

Apple springs a Spring event on us with just a few days’ notice

We’ve suspected for a while that Apple would have some new stuff to show us this month, but its upcoming Spring event is finally official. And it’s soon! Apple’s March 2022 Keynote, which it’s dubbing “Peek Performance,” will fall on March 8 at 10am PDT. (Bloomberg was bang on the money there.)

As is the norm these days, the keynote will be digital only and mostly pre-recorded, streamed around the world instead of to a handful of journalists in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. Since Apple made the switch, its events have become slicker, more creative, and – thankfully – quite a bit shorter. Long may it continue.

So what talking points can we expect to see at the event?

Apple never shows its cards until the day itself, but a combination of leaks, rumors, and following previous release patterns usually does a good job of spoiling the surprise. This time around we’re expecting Apple to unveil the next iteration of iPhone SE, an updated iPad Air, and potentially a new Apple Silicon Mac.

Apple’s event tag-lines often give us a clue as to what’s ahead, but “Peek Performance” is wonderfully vague. Looks like we’ll be peeking at some new peaks when it comes to under-the-hood speed improvements. Like we do every Apple event. But the tag-line could refer to 5G capabilities for iPhone SE and/or iPad Air or a best-in-class M2 chip for a new Mac. Or it could mean nothing at all!

iOS 15.4 is coming soon too, with some exciting new features – so we wouldn’t be surprised if that was on the agenda too, with the software update immediately available after the event.

You can catch the event live via or the Apple TV app. Or you can skip the presentation entirely and keep an eye out for our full recap an hour later. Either way, we’re looking forward to plenty of new devices to discuss!