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Price drop! Runtastic PRO – veteran fitness tracker is now free to download

New year, new you? If you’re looking for some app-based encouragement to get you on your feet and exercising in 2017, then here’s an app that can help. Runtastic PRO is one of the big run trackers on the App Store and has just dropped its price from $4.99 to absolutely nothing.

Runtastic Pro is currently on version 7.1 and is rated highly on the App Store. It’s massive userbase keeps it in frequent development and it boasts some great features. We’re talking real voice coaching, auto pause, an ad free experience plus various challenges, route-finding and creation tools.

It also contains some great additional features including Powersong – the app has an integrated music player that can boost your workout at an opportune moment, while you can also keep track of your shoe mileage and set annual running goals.

It’s also compatible with the Apple Watch and comes with new iMessage support so you can easily share your achievements with friends.

Download Runtastic PRO on the App Store for free