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App Store discounts – cut-price coffee, music, and animation

It can be hard to find real bargains on the App Store these days, as so many services and utilities have moved to a freemium model with no up-front cost. But many of the best apps still come with a price tag, and we’ve found a few on offer this week. Don’t miss out!

All prices are accurate at the time of writing, but please be mindful that they could change at any time.

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Yonac Music Suite

Was $15/£15, now $1/£1

For one day only, every apps from Yonac studio is down to a single buck. Yonac specializes in synthesizers and virtual amps, and some of its apps usually sell for $15 – so ensure you make the most of this deal if you have an interest in playing virtual instruments on your iPhone or iPad. If you just want one, we’d recommend Magellan Synthesizer 2 as a solid choice and a great saving, but here’s the full list if you want to fill your boots.

The Great Coffee App

Was $4/£4, now FREE

Fancy yourself a coffee aficionado but haven’t quite mastered the perfect home-brew cup yet? Or maybe you know your way around a French press but want to learn to cold brew. Whatever your coffee-based dreams, this app can teach you how to do achieve them.

The Great Coffee App


Was $2/£2, now $1/£1

Here’s one we reviewed fondly when it came out in 2018. Animatix allows you to add moving animation styles and cartoon effects to your still photos, making them stand out, wobble round, and get down.