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Pro tip: If your Live Photo didn’t give you the best image, here’s how to pick a different frame

Live Photo hasn’t displayed as desired? You can now manually pick a different frame

Live Photos on iOS are generally pretty great. Available on the iPhone 6s and later, the iPhone SE, and the iPad Pro 9.7-inch, if the feature is enabled (tapping the concentric circles icon at the top of the Camera screen) it will capture a short video clip of what the camera sees shortly before and after the shot was taken.

And although it mostly captures a pretty good still shot, this isn’t always the case, and Apple doesn’t provide a way to select a different frame. Enter Motion Stills – courtesy of Google. The app itself is great – providing you with a looping dashboard of all your Live Photos so you don’t have to manually enter the Photos app and hard press on them to view. The app also stabilizes the image (something that iOS now does, but Google beat them to it,) and provides easy sharing options so you can export it as a video clip or gif.

Guide: How to take Live Photos

Now, it’s even more powerful. In a recent update to the app, a new feature allows you to manually select the frame for the still photo from the Live Photo. To do this, select a Live Photo in the app, then tap the share arrow icon, then tap ‘Export Live Photo.’ The app then takes you to a screen where you can use a slider to find the best frame. Exporting the Live Photo will create a new Live Photo with the newly selected still.


The app also lets you stitch Live Photos together to create a fun little movie.

Not used Motion Stills before? Download it for free on the App Store now.

For more on how to use Motion Stills, plus other apps for making Live Photos and GIFs, read this article: The best iOS apps for turning Live Photos and burst photos into movies and GIFs on your iPhone or iPad.

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