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Remember those “Get a Mac”/”I’m a PC” commercials? These new iPad ads explore similar ground

Back in the mid-late 2000s, Apple ran a series of commercials titled “Get a Mac,” which featured actor Justin Long playing a Mac, and John Hodgman playing a PC. The pair would play out a little skit in which the more laid-back capability of a Mac was pitted against the more wok-concerned and uninteresting PC. In response, Microsoft launched a series of response adds called “I’m a PC,” which extolled the benefits of Windows.

Now, in 2017, Apple has launched a new series of ads for the iPad Pro, and built on CEO Tim Cook’s belief that with the large iPad Pro, the PC is virtually obsolete. The new commercials feature a similarly sparse, all-white background and demonstrates individuals’ use of the super-powered tablets.

It’s been updated for the times, of course. Much of the comparisons are overlaid in Tweet-form, and address the iPad’s benefits over a PC. They start by noting the device’s touchscreen benefits, its speed (faster than most laptops, it says) before moving on to LTE capabilities for when Wi-Fi is unavailable, and they also note the lack of nasty PC viruses. Finally, they point out that a program like Word, a staple of many PCs, is also available on the iPad.

The four 15-second spots can be viewed below.

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