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Remember the iPod Classic? Watch the evolution of Apple’s groundbreaking product over the years

Before the iPhone and iPad came the iPod. Arguably the product that breathed new life back into Apple before its popularity exploded following the release of the iPhone. Did you have an iPod Classic? Why not reminisce with this new video showing off all the models between 2001 and 2014.

The video was made by Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels. He explores the numerous models, design progressions and various features in the high resolution video.

Apple discontinued the iPod Classic in 2014, leaving the focus of its music-playing devices on the iPod touch. So, if you want some touch wheel nostalgia, hit play above.

And if you want more, the iPod turned 15 back in 2016 – watch the first ever iPod commercial and read about its launch.

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