Back in March, Apple announced it was closing nearly all of its retail stores around the world “until further notice” in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. Well, that further notice is slowly coming around, as Apple has now reopened almost 100 of its stores.

Apple’s swift response in China a few months back laid the foundation for the response around the world. Doors have been safely open again in Greater China for months, and Apple is using the lessons it learned there to keep things safe elsewhere.

Of course, the pandemic is far from over, so things are a little different in-store as Apple takes a series of precautions to keep its retail spaces as safe as possible for customers. In an open letter, the company laid out its approach to reopening stores. Like many supermarkets, Apple is severely limiting occupancy to allow plenty of space per customer, and has implemented a safely-distanced queuing system for waiting customers.

1-to-1 staff consultations are still on the table

It’s also making face coverings mandatory for both staff and customers – if you turn up without one, Apple will provide a rudimentary mask free of charge. It’s also checking temperatures at the door for signs of the virus (using contactless infrared thermometers) and conducting “enhanced deep cleanings” of highly trafficked areas.

You’ll also be able to order online for curb-side pick-up and drop off, eliminating the need to enter the store entirely. And of course, the revamped Apple Store Online website makes it easier to get everything done from home, with contactless deliveries and an online Genius Bar for queries.

You can check whether your local store is currently open using Apple’s Find a Store page.