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Rumor: 3D Camera system for 2017 iPhone? Apple working on new tech with LG

The latest iPhone 8 (or whatever it’ll be called) rumor concerns 3D technology. A report in a Korean publication believes Apple has begun working closely with LG Innotek to create a camera system capable of 3D photography.

The report follows rumors of augmented reality technology features in the next iPhone’s camera system (see below.) It looks like it might be a busy piece of kit.

Of course, Apple and LG Innotek are old buddies. The company currently supplies the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera system exclusively. They were also responsible for Optimus 3D, a feature on one of LG’s 2011 smartphones, so they’ve got the experience.

Whether an iPhone will be able to capture 3D photos is up for debate. The next iPhone might use this kind of technology to focus on improving the results of other features, like the Plus model’s Portrait Mode.

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