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Rumor has it, Apple will launch a Jet White iPhone 7 & 7 Plus following Jet Black popularity

In a year where an expected redesign to the overall form factor the iPhone didn’t materialize, the shiny new coating was as close as many iPhone owners have been able to get to finding a new look for their Apple smartphone. And it’s not like Apple hasn’t noticed. CEO Tim Cook himself noted its popularity during Apple’s recent Q4 ratings call. However, few had predicted yet another new finish could well be on the cards ahead of next year’s iPhone.

Of course, at the moment this is pure conjecture, but Japanese website Mac Otakara is reporting that supply chain sources are indicating a new Jet White finish is being prepped.

The website has previously been responsible for leaking accurate information – including the initial introduction of the Jet Black finish, alongside the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the report itself notes that sources “may be unreliable.”

We’ve not seen a front and back white iPhone since the 5, so the finish would be a welcome return for the pristine color if, indeed, it ever does. Furthermore, to boost iPhone 7 sales, a white option in the shiny finish could be a smart move by Apple.

The article on Mac Otakara includes a rendering of the device, which can be seen above.