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Safari's Credit Card scanner

Safari gets credit card camera scan in iOS 8

When iOS 8 lands later this year, users will be able to make online purchases via their mobile devices much quicker.

Safari, Apple’s own browser,¬†will gain further functionality in the next update of iOS which will allow users to scan a credit card with the iPhone’s camera, which will automatically read the information.

Users will no longer have to laboriously enter the digits manually to make a purchase online.

Safari's credit card camera scanner

When you tap the ‘Scan Credit Card’ option on a payment page in Safari, a card-shaped box appears

While Safari already lets users select credit cards that have been saved in its Passwords & Autofill settings, the camera function will speed up proceedings, particularly if you’ve not stored your info in Safari.

We tried the functionality on a number of sites and the feature seemed perfectly happy to recognize when a card is required meaning website developers won’t have to enable any additional functionality.

Apple announced the latest upgrade to its iPhone’s operating system at WWDC earlier this week.

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