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‘Secret’ Apple Electric Car on the Horizon?

The next product line Apple will be working on may have been revealed, and it’s… an electric car?

That’s right – according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on the unconfirmed project, which was greenlit by CEO Tim Cook as much as a year ago.

Of course, Apple already has Apple CarPlay – an infotainment system for cars, but this isn’t just another step in that direction – it’s a massive leap.

While the internet went crazy just a week or so ago after investigative folk found that a self-driving car that had been spotted on the streets was registered to Apple, this news appears to suggest that Apple will not be specifically creating a product that aims to compete with Google’s self-driving ambitions.

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Instead, and still rather amusingly, considering recently it was revealed that Apple and Tesla had been in an employment war with each other – both companies were poaching scores employees from each other – Apple wishes to compete with the electric car manufacturer more directly. One of Tesla’s vehicles is pictured above.

However, don’t expect to see the Apple Car hit the streets anytime soon – the project hasn’t been confirmed, and the health, safety, and material hoops that Apple will have to jump through will be far more arduous that simply upgrading a current product.

Furthermore, not every project turns into a product – though any prototype may feed into boosting CarPlay, or even technology on board the more day to day iPhone and iPad products.

More on the story as it develops, if it does.

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