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See how hit game The Room Three was made in this awesome photoset

The Room series of box-based puzzle games have proved to be a worldwide smash, continuing recently with the latest installment; The Room Three. It’s clear that plenty of work goes into the game considering how intricate the various objects and puzzles are – but it’s hard to picture it. Until now, that is – the game’s developer Fireproof Games has just uploaded a whole range of images to Flickr.


One of the making-of images uploaded by the developers

The album, titled The Making of The Room Three, contains wireframes, concept art and early sketches, and details on how they created various bits of video. Many of the thirty or so images are annotated which really gives the photo-set a narrative feel. So, if you ever wondered how one of the most successful iOS games of all time was made, be sure to check out the collection of photos on Fireproof Games’ Flickr page.

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