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Apple Watch shipping times slipping fast

Demand has massively outweighed supply for the Apple Watch, which started taking preorders earlier today. It looks like the first batch of watches has already sold out, leaving customers with a big wait even if they order today.

While still available for preorder, nearly every model – even the luxury gold versions – has already been pushed back, with delivery estimates spanning the next four months.

The official release of the watch is only two weeks away, but even those who ordered certain models within the first few minutes of preorder are being told to expect delivery in ‘4-6 weeks’. In the US, those who want the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition face waiting until August before it can be shipped.

Those lucky few who managed to order the Apple Watch early enough should still get the first batch on time. Many of them are taking advantage of delays, posting the watches on eBay with massively inflated prices. Anyone disappointed by the hold-up can pay a premium (an extra $5k in some cases) to these sneaky sellers in order to skip the wait.

It looks as though Apple wasn’t prepared for this level of demand. Check Apple’s preorders page for up-to-the-minute availability – adding a watch to the basket will reveal the delivery estimate for that model in your region.

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