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Siri-makers new and much-hyped AI platform Viv bought by Samsung

Any chance that Apple’s virtual assistant Siri would be reunited with its sibling has been dashed, thanks to Samsung, which has just acquired the Viv platform.

Described by its creators as ‘The Global Brain’ is the new venture by some of the founders behind Siri’s technology.

Samsung, which makes its own mobile hardware, doesn’t yet have its own AI system, which is very much the must-have platform for modern technology firms. Of course, Samsung’s Viv and Apple’s Siri are also joined by Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and just recently, Google’s Assistant, which is featured as part of Google Home on the just announced Google Pixel device.

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Viv’s founders have described the platform as a ‘breakthrough’ in computer science – pointing towards an ability to create its own programming, rather than the hard-coded programming of its competitors.

Viv Labs co-founder and CEO Dag Kittlaus writes more about the acquisition in a blog post. It’s believed Viv will appear on Samsung devices in 2017. Of course, there’s no telling what Siri may be capable of by then…

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